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Critical Theory Seminar


Thursdays, 5.00 - 6.30 pm

Series venues

Please note:

The Week 4 session will be held on Monday, Feb. 4 instead of on the usual Thursday.
The Week 8 session will be held in the New Powell Room at Somerville College instead of at All Souls.

Download series termcard.


Critical Theory Seminar - Bleak dreams, not nightmares: critical dystopias and the necessity of melancholic hope (more details...)
  • Dr Mathias Thaler (Edinburgh)
Critical Theory Seminar - War beyond the human: robots, race, and reproduction (more details...)
  • Dr Lauren Wilcox (Cambridge)
Critical Theory Seminar - Towards a materialist theory of ideological propaganda (more details...)
  • Dr Titus Stahl (Groningen)
Critical Theory Seminar - Solidarity as critical methodology in mapping a multi-layered colonial present (more details...)
  • Dr Goldie Osuri (Warwick)
Critical Theory Seminar - Horkheimer, Adorno and societal transformation (more details...)
  • Professor Maeve Cooke (UCD)
Critical Theory Seminar - Objective reason and irrational society: the ‘linguistic turn’ in Horkheimer and Adorno (more details...)
  • Professor Fabian Freyenhagen (Essex)
Critical Theory Seminar - The real political contradiction of Adorno’s Critical Theory (more details...)
  • Dr Gordan Finlayson (Sussex)
Critical Theory Seminar - Critical Theory, Ideology, and Common Sense (more details...)
  • Dr Lorna Finlayson (Essex)