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Elizabeth Chatterjee

Quondam Fellow since 2015
I work on politics in contemporary India. My doctoral research at the Oxford Department of International Development focuses on Indian energy policy, especially the persistent problems of the power sector. I use these as a lens to analyze how the institutions and policymaking processes of the Indian state have changed during the liberalization era.'

My recent publications include a book chapter on capitalism and the Indian state, and a travel book based on my fieldwork experiences in Delhi. In the past I have also worked with Unicef and Oxfam GB on sanitation, urban poverty, and the informal economy in India and beyond.

I am also working on a collaborative project on procrastination, that most ubiquitous of academic phenomena. We are exploring its understudied social and cultural dimensions, from self-help books to slacker films. Currently this takes the form of a blog, a conference, and a seminar series, with a book of collected articles likely in the future.
Elizabeth Chatterjee
  • Background

    • Oxfam policy researcher, Oxford (from 2010 to 2011)
    • UNICEF India researcher, Bangalore (2010)
    • Examination Fellow, All Souls College (from 2008)
    • Balliol College, Oxford (2008)
    • Undergraduate, Merton College, Oxford (from 2005 to 2008)
    • Princeton University (2006)
  • Research interests

    • Indian energy and climate change policy (doctoral research)
    • The informal economy
    • Twentieth-century Indian history and political economy