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Derek Parfit

Emeritus Fellow since 2010


  • Emeritus Fellow, All Souls College (from 2010)
  • Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College (from 1984 to 2010)
  • Research Fellow, All Souls College (from 1981 to 1984)
  • Junior Research Fellow, All Souls College (from 1974 to 1981)
  • Prize Fellow, All Souls College (from 1967 to 1974)
  • Harkness Fellow, Columbia and Harvard Universities, USA (from 1965 to 1966)
  • Undergraduate, Balliol College, Oxford (from 1961 to 1964)

Research interests

  • Reasons, persons, ethics, meta-ethics, epistemology, normativity, the
    passage of time, systematic moral theories, Kant's ethics, contractualism,
    consequentialism, pluralist common-sense morality, deontological
    prohibitions, ontology, reality, existence, cosmogony, and what matters.


  • On What Matters, 2 vols. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 and 2013).
  • Reasons and Persons (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1984).

Other professional memberships and roles

  • Visiting Professor of Philosophy, New York University, Harvard University, and Rutgers University