The Catalogues

The Library’s collections are being catalogued onto the University of Oxford's union catalogue, SOLO, but it should be noted that this work is not yet complete. All books acquired since 1990, the law and history collections, as well as the working collections covering art, classics, literature, philosophy, science, sociology, and theology; and well over half of the pre-1800 books are already on SOLO; subjects still in the process of being catalogued include the military history collection, and material printed between 1800 and 1990 on other subjects. Readers are strongly advised to consult the card catalogue to discover whether a given book is to be found in the Library, if their search via SOLO has not yielded a positive result. Readers are also reminded that any book on SOLO, listed as only at All Souls, may well be held in other Oxford college libraries, not all of whose books have yet been catalogued onto SOLO.