Examination Fellowships 2022

The College intends to make up to two elections to Examination Fellowships on Saturday, 5 November 2022 if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves.

The examination is open to any candidate who meets ALL the following conditions:

a)    has a degree (or by 1 October 2022 will have a degree) from the University of Oxford; or is registered (or by 1 October 2022 will have registered) for a higher degree at the University;
b)    has successfully completed all the examinations necessary for a first BA or equivalent degree whether at the University of Oxford or elsewhere; and,
c)    normally, has successfully completed their first degree not more than seven terms before the relevant election., i.e. no earlier than Summer 2020.

Terms of Fellowship
The Fellowships are for seven years and cannot be extended. They are open to those who intend to pursue an academic career and the College pays the University fees of Fellows registered for a higher degree at the University of Oxford. They are also open to those who, while intending to take up non-academic work (such as the practice of the law, politics, the arts, diplomacy, etc.), nevertheless wish to maintain and strengthen their links with Oxford academic life. It is therefore a requirement that all Examination Fellows in the first two years of their Fellowship pursue a course of study or training approved by the College. 

Examination Fellows are members of the Governing Body and are obliged to attend College Meetings (three per annum) and Election Meetings (two per annum). Fellows are entitled to a study, dinners, and lunches without charge, and may be assigned single accommodation in the College or one of its annexes or, if resident within 25 miles of Oxford, are eligible to receive a housing allowance (see below). Fellows are conventionally required to dine in College at least twenty-eight times in each academic term of the first year of tenure. Non-academic Fellows can comply with this convention by, for example, spending the weekends during term in College and the weekdays working elsewhere. The College is prepared to consider deferment of this requirement in exceptional cases.

Remuneration, Allowances, and Entitlements
During the first two years Fellows are entitled to receive a stipend or scholarship allowance, which they may supplement, of up to £15,480 per annum (see Note below), and may be eligible for a housing allowance of currently £5,905 per annum. At the end of that period the Fellowship will (with the approval of the College) be extended for a further five years, during which a Fellow who decides to take up or continue:

a)    full-time academic work in the College will receive a stipend of £23,119 to £25,240 per annum, rising by annual increments over five years to £28,955 to £31,653 per annum, the actual level of pay depending on whether and how much public lecturing is undertaken, plus a housing allowance of £10,047 per annum, if eligible;
b)    an academic or non-academic appointment elsewhere will receive a stipend of £3,430 per annum.

Full-time academic College Fellows may draw on academic allowances of up to £3,952 per annum, and can apply for academic grants from the College’s Academic Purposes Committee. 

Note: All salaries and allowances are reviewed annually. In the case of Fellows who are already in receipt of another scholarship or Research Council funding, the College will top up the scholarship or grant to the same level given above for the remainder of the first academic year, after which the College will assume full responsibility for the payment of University of Oxford tuition fees and the scholarship and subsequent stipend. 
Prospective candidates should apply through the online CASC application system by 4.00 pm (UK time) on Monday 22 August 2022. Applications for the 2022 Examination will open on Tuesday 31 May 2022. Those who for good cause do not meet the normal eligibility criteria but nevertheless wish to be admitted to the examination should make their case when prompted on the online application form.

All eligible applicants will be sent an email in the week commencing 5 September, and must respond to this email to confirm their place in the examination. Candidates who do not reply by the deadline specified in the email will not be admitted. 

The online application system is hosted by the Colleges’ Administrative Software Consortium Fellowship Application System (in Cambridge). All technical queries or inquiries about the application process and submitted applications should be made to the Fellows’ Secretary: fellows.secretary@all-souls.ox.ac.uk.

The examination will be held in line with all Covid-19 policies in place at Oxford University at the time. The College fully expects the examination to take place and to have examination space for all eligible applicants. The College reserves the right to cancel the examination or to cap candidate numbers if exceptional circumstances arise.

For further details about the Examination and Assessment Criteria, please see the Further Particulars.