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About All Souls

As of January 2020 there are eighty-two Fellows of All Souls, fifteen Visiting Fellows, three Honorary Fellows, and thirty-two Emeritus (i.e. retired academic) Fellows, whose continuing research the College actively supports. Of the current Fellows, forty-three are academics entirely funded by All Souls (as Senior Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Examination Fellows), seventeen are academics with Oxford University positions attached to All Souls, and the rest include academics at other universities, non-academics (e.g. barristers), former Fellows who have attained distinction in public life, and the College Chaplain, Fellow Librarian, and Bursars. The non-academic Fellows play an important part in the governance of the College and help connect academic and public life, notably in law, economics, and politics and international relations.

Through the Examination Fellowships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, the College is strongly committed to academics at an early stage of their careers. At the same time the College has twenty-six Fellows of the British Academy (and a further twenty amongst its Emeritus Fellows), and three Fellows of the Royal Society.

The College is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (Registration number 1138057).