Modern Languages

While much of the College’s Modern Languages research is European in focus, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Karolina Watroba works on transnational German studies and on the global circulation of German modernism in different languages. Distinguished Fellow Marina Warner’s work fans out through Italian and French to many global contexts. Within Francophone studies, Catriona Seth—present incumbent of the Marshal Foch Professorship of French literature, which is attached to the College—works principally on the literature and cultural history of the French-speaking world in the eighteenth century; Senior Research Fellow Neil Kenny works on that of early modern France. Examination Fellow Julia Moore’s work encompasses interaction between English and French literatures. Among the researchers listed on the ‘Literature’, ‘Linguistics’, 'History', ‘Asian and Middle Eastern Studies’, and 'Social Anthropology' pages are others whose work involves the study of living languages (from across the world) in their cultural context.

Current Fellows: