Examination Fellowships

The Examination Fellowships are seven-year fellowships open to those who have recently completed a first degree and, in addition to which, either did that degree at Oxford or have enrolled as a graduate student at Oxford.

You are eligible to apply for the 2024 Examination Fellowship if:
1.    you have a degree (or by 1 October 2024 will have a degree) from the University of Oxford; or have registered (or by 1 October 2024 will have registered) for a higher degree at the University of Oxford; and
2.    you have completed or are studying for a degree in the Humanities or Social Sciences; and
3.    you have successfully completed all the examinations necessary for a first BA or equivalent degree whether at the University of Oxford or elsewhere; and,
4.    normally, you have successfully completed your first degree not more than seven terms before the relevant election, i.e. no earlier than Summer 2022.

The window for applications for the 2024 Examination Fellowship will open from Monday, 27 May 2024 .
The Examination Fellowship will be tenable from November 2024.

For further details please carefully read the Further ParticularsGeneral Information, Frequently Asked Questions, and Disability Policy.

Applications may be made via the Online Application Form.

Closing date: Monday, 12 August 2024, 4pm (UK time).