The College has supported the study of philosophy since its foundation and many distinguished philosophers have been Fellows, including Isaiah Berlin, J. L. Austin, Bernard Williams, Michael Dummett, Susan Hurley, and G. A. Cohen. The College provides fellowships to the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory (currently Professor Amia Srinivasan, who works in epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, and social and political philosophy), and to the University Lecturer in Medieval Philosophy (currently Professor Cecilia Trifogli, whose research focuses on the reception of Aristotle and other topics in the philosophy of the Middle Ages). Three Senior Research Fellows work in philosophy: Susanne Bobzien, whose research interests include ancient philosophy and the philosophy of logic and language, Cécile Fabre, who works in moral, political, and legal philosophy, specializing in the ethics of war, and Ian Rumfitt, whose current research is in the philosophy of language, focussing on the relationship between truth and meaning. The College also provides a Visiting Fellowship to the lecturer chosen by the Faculty of Philosophy to deliver the annual John Locke Lectures, and regularly supports other Visiting Fellows working in philosophy.

Current Fellows: