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The Codrington Library is currently closed to readers as part of the precautionary measures relating to Covid-19, and is therefore not taking applications for the present. Notices will be posted here, on the website, and on the Library gate, when applications re-open. Please check back here to submit your application in due course. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are sure that everyone will appreciate the reason for this. Should you have queries that might be dealt with via email, please contact the Library here

Current members of Oxford University are welcome to join the library as readers; this applies to both undergraduates and graduates, as well as to fellows, tutors, and researchers from other colleges and departments. We traditionally support those studying law and history, but the collections, especially the early printed books collections, are much broader in subject coverage. However, anyone who has a good reason to use our resources is welcome to apply.

Although most college libraries are exclusively for their own members, the Codrington often acquires material which is not held elsewhere in Oxford, in order to allow anyone studying here to have access to otherwise inaccessible or unavailable items.