The Library at All Souls College is, like all Oxford college libraries, an independent institution. Its modern collections are particularly strong in law and history, especially the history of Britain and early modern Europe, and military history. Philosophy, sociology, and the history of science are also well represented.

The Library welcomes applications for admission (supported by a recommendation from tutor or supervisor) by law and history undergraduates, and graduate students of the University of Oxford. Junior members in other faculties may also apply for admission. The Bodleian card is in itself not sufficient to secure entry to the Library.

The early collections, accessible by appointment to bona fide scholars, are rich in almost every subject, and supported by a growing collection of books on bibliography and book history.

The Library’s printed book collections are catalogued onto the University’s online catalogue, SOLO. This includes the early printed books, many of which are also available via EEBO, and an increasing number of digitized items are accessible via our digital resources website, here: Early Printed Books - The Library, All Souls College (

The developing digital resources website (The Library, All Souls College: Digital Resources ( also includes the fully digitized The Architectural Drawings of Sir Christopher Wren at All Souls College, Oxford: a complete catalogue, by Anthony Geraghty, which links to the high resolution images at Digital Bodleian; as well as digitized maunscripts, archives, and the Library’s blog, In Capitulis.

Books about the Library

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 Other works:

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Books marked with an asterisk may be available for purchase; please direct any enquiries to

A list of books relating to All Souls College may be found on the Books about the College page.