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The Relation of Literature and Learning to Social Hierarchy in Early Modern Europe

Series venues

The following sessions will be held at 2.00p.m. (ending by 3.30p.m.) in Hilary Term 2015 in All Souls College, Oxford (except for the first two sessions -- their time and location are different). There will normally be two papers per session.

Convenor: Neil Kenny

RLLSHEME Session "L’hiérarchie sociale en France sous l’Ancien Régime" (more details...)
  • Robert Descimon (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
RLLSHEME Session "Les incertitudes des structures hiérarchiques de la société française et le statut des “écrivains” au 16e siècle" (more details...)
  • Robert Descimon (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
RLLSHEME Session "Languages and Society in Renaissance Florence" (more details...)
  • Robert Black (University of Leeds)
RLLSHEME Session "Sixteenth-Century Vernacular Renaissances and Social Hierarchies" (more details...)
  • Warren Boutcher (Queen Mary, University of London)
RLLSHEME Session "Poetry and Social Status in Early Modern England" (more details...)
  • Colin Burrow (All Souls College, Oxford)
RLLSHEME Session "Stealth Tax in a Love Poem by Étienne de La Boétie" (more details...)
  • Tim Chesters (University of Cambridge)
RLLSHEME Session 'Alberti’s Humanism: The Family, Cobblers and Renaissance Men' (more details...)
  • Martin McLaughlin (Magdalen College, Oxford)
RLLSHEME Session '"Prayerful reading": Hierarchies of Devotional Reading in the Early Modern Catholic Home' (more details...)
  • Abigail Brundin (University of Cambridge)
RLLSHEME Session "Writing Social Hierarchy: Ceremonial Records in Early Modern France" (more details...)
  • Giora Sternberg (Hertford College, Oxford)
RLLSHEME Session "Antoine de Laval’s Dessein des professions nobles (1605) and the Taxonomy of Élites" (more details...)
  • Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield)