Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Music - Four early Ars nova motets: a new source

Event speakers
Lawrence M. Earp (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Richard Dudas (Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea)
22 October 2020 16:00

Please note: this seminar will be held at the earlier time of 4pm.

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The seminar will address issues regarding the discovery of musical fragments in BnF NAF 934, fols. 79–80 (reported on; images on Gallica). Two three-voice and two four-voice motets survive, all of them unica. On the basis of notation and style, the repertory slightly postdates Fauvel. Each motet has a different form. The first utilizes a notational trick that prefigures Machaut’s M6. The second is the only isoperiodic motet, with an early, special use of red coloration in the lower voice pair. A third combines two chants, a freely rhythmized Kyrie tenor with an ostinato contratenor. The final motet is based on a Fauvel ballade.