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Professor Diego Gambetta

Quondam Fellow since 2003
Professor of Sociology, University of Oxford
Official Fellow, Nuffield College
Professor Diego Gambetta
  • Background

    • Quondam Fellow, All Souls College (from 2003)
    • Reader in Sociology, University of Oxford and Fellow, All Souls College (from 1995 to 2003)
    • Lecturer in Sociology (ad hominem Reader (1993) and Fellow, St Anne’s College (from 1991 to 1995)
    • Junior, then Senior (1988), Research Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge (from 1984 to 1991)
    • Civil Servant, Regional Administration, Piedmont, Italy (from 1978 to 1984)
  • Research interests

    • Analytical Sociology
    • Mafias
    • Signalling Theory and Applications
    • Trust and Mimicry
    • Violent Extremists
  • Selected publications

    • Codes of the Underworld. How Criminals Communicate (Princeton University Press, 2009)
    • (with Heather Hamill) Streetwise. How Taxi Drivers Establish Customers’ Trustworthiness (Russell Sage Foundation, 2005)
    • (Editor) Making Sense of Suicide Missions (OUP, 2005)
    • (with Michael Bacharach) ‘Trust in signs’, in K. Cook (ed.) Trust and Society (Russell Sage Foundation, 2001), pp 148–84
    • The Sicilian Mafia. The Business of Private Protection (Harvard University Press, 1993)
    • (Editor) Trust. Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1988)