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Dr Iain McGilchrist

BM, MA, FRCPsych
Quondam Fellow since 2004
Dr Iain McGilchrist
  • Background

    • Consultant Psychiatrist and former Medical Director, Priory Hospital, Hayes Grove
    • Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist and former Clinical Director, Bethlehem Royal and Maudsley Hospital, London
    • Quondam Fellow, All Souls College (from 2004)
    • Two-Year Fellow, All Souls College (from 2002 to 2004)
    • Research Fellow, Neuro-imaging, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (1992)
    • Fifty-Pound Fellow, All Souls College (from 1984 to 1991)
    • Prize Fellow, All Souls College (from 1975 to 1982)
    • Scholar, New College, Oxford (from 1972 to 1975)
  • Research interests

    • Psychiatry (cerebral hemispheres and the relationship between neuropsychology, phenomenology and art)
  • Selected publications

    • The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (Yale University Press, 2009)
    • Against Criticism (Faber and Faber, 1982)