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Professor Susanne Bobzien

MA, DPhil, FBA
Senior Research Fellow since 2013
Professor of Philosophy, University of Oxford
Professor Susanne Bobzien
  • Background

    • Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College (from 2013)
    • Professor of Philosophy, then Senior Research Scholar (since 2010), Yale University (from 2002 to 2013)
    • CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford (from 1993 to 2002)
    • Official Fellow and Praelector in Philosophy, The Queen’s College, Oxford (from 1990 to 2002)
    • Tutor and Fellow in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford (from 1989 to 1990)
    • Postgraduate student, University of Oxford (from 1987 to 1993)
  • Research interests

    • History of philosophy: ancient logic and ancient theories of determinism and freedom
    • Contemporary philosophy: philosophy of logic and language, with a focus on vagueness and paradoxes
  • Selected publications

    • 'Higher-order Vagueness and Borderline Nestings - A Persistent Confusion', Analytic Philosophy 54.1 (2013), 1-43.
    • 'Paradoxes of Presupposition in Antiquity', Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 15 (2012), 159-84.
    • 'The Combinatorics of Stoic Conjunction', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 40 (2011), 157-88.
    • 'In Defense of True Higher-Order Vagueness', Synthese 180 (2011), 317-35.
    • 'Higher-order Vagueness, Radical Unclarity, and Absolute Agnosticism', Philosophers' Imprint 10, No. 10, (2010), 1-30.
    • Determinism and Freedom in Stoic Philosophy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998).
    • Publications (External Link)
  • Other professional memberships and roles

    • Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (2008-9)
    • Member of the Advisory or Editorial Boards for:
      Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
      Journal of the History of Philosophy (Book Review)
      History and Philosophy of Logic
      Ancient Philosophy
      Revue de Philosophie Ancienne
      Rhizomata: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
      Editorial Panel: Thought: A Journal of Philosophy
  • Research awards and grants

    • Fellowship of the National Endowment for the Humanities (from 2008 to 2009).
    • Research Grant, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (from 2008 to 2009).
    • British Academy Research Readership (from 2000 to 2002).