Dr Chris Scambler

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow since 2021

My work addresses a variety of topics in logic, metaphysics, and foundations of mathematics. My current focal project, ‘modal logicism’, explores the idea that modal logic can be used to resuscitate the core ideas of Fregean/Russellian logicism: that is, that the theorems of mathematics can be translated into pure logic and derived from principles that are (at least arguably) clearly true. I am also working on various other projects, including a paper (with Nick Jones) on the relation between contingentism about existence and possible worlds semantics, a paper (with Neil Barton and Ethan Russo) developing and assessing Kit Fine’s “procedural postulationist” foundation for mathematics, and a paper (with Lorenzo Rossi and Simon Schmitt) on the application of contextualist tools to the paradoxes of set theory.

My personal website is https://cscambler.github.io