Dr Marius Ostrowski

BA (Hons), MPhil, DPhil
Quondam Fellow since 2020

I am a social theorist and political researcher, working primarily within the fields of political thought and intellectual history. My primary research focus is on public opinion, political ideologies (socialism, social democracy, and Europeanism), and the history of early-C20th political thought (especially Weimar Germany). I am a passionate supporter of widening access and diversity in higher education to include all those discriminated against on grounds of income, gender, race, sexual orientation, or disability.

In 2017, I completed my DPhil at the Department of Politics & International Relations, with a thesis entitled "Twilight of the pollsters: A social theory of mass opinion in late modernity", passing my viva with no corrections. My current project is on the social-democratic thinker Eduard Bernstein, and in 2018 I published the first in a series of edited collections of his later writings, with two further volumes forthcoming in 2019 and 2020.

Alongside my academic research, I have worked with several thinktanks on a broad range of public policy initiatives, and published a report for the UK Parliament on the fiscal implications of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. I have written articles for the Times, the New Statesman, and The Conversation, and I regularly present at conferences in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Manchester, Warwick, and York. I welcome opportunities for further public engagement, and to apply my research to contemporary policy concerns.