Lord [Andrew] Burrows

Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Formerly Professor of the Law of England, University of Oxford
Distinguished Fellow since 2023

Andrew Burrows was a Senior Research Fellow at All Souls before taking up his appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in June 2020. He is the first person to have been appointed direct from academia to the highest court in the UK. His major projects at college included the novel idea of restating areas of English law in which he was assisted by an advisory group of academics, judges and practitioners. This led to the publication by OUP of A Restatement of the English Law of Unjust Enrichment and A Restatement of the English Law of Contract. In addition to producing new editions of his works on English private law (including a fourth edition of Remedies for Torts, Breach of Contract and Equitable Wrongs) and publishing many articles on contract, tort and unjust enrichment, in his years as SRF he wrote extensively on statute law, culminating in his Hamlyn Lectures in 2017 entitled Thinking about Statutes: Interpretation, Interaction, Improvement (CUP, 2018). He also led the Oxford-Burma/Myanmar law programme and taught an intensive course at Yangon University. He was President of the Society of Legal Scholars (2015-16), was awarded a DCL in 2014, and in 2015 was made an Honorary Fellow of Brasenose College.