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Introduction to Early Modern Books in Oxford

Below are some of the links to various online resources which were demonstrated during the recent History of the Book Seminars; these, and other 'History of the Book' resources, will form additional pages on the Library website later in the year.

For all modern scholarship, Latin texts online, and texts in other languages:; follow link to hollis classic

Latin texts online and texts in other languages: (medical texts) (Voet's Golden Compasses) (Kapp, Geschichte des deutschen Buchhandels) (Hieronymus, Griechischer Geist aus Baseler Pressen)

General online bibliographies:

Online bibliographies by place of publication:



France BdF:

France (not the BNF): (follow link to SUDOC-catalogue)


Online catalogues of given libraries/groups of libraries:


British Library:

Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland:

Bibliotecas Públicas del Estado (BE)

Other resources:

List of printers:

TAPoR - Text Analysis Portal:


The Bibliotheca Palatina collection of printed books (1462-1622)

The Library possesses the microfiche edition of the 11,303 volumes of the Bibliotheca Palatina, as well as the four volumes of indices in hard copy (Bibliotheca palatina: Druckschriften: Katalog zur Microfiche-Ausgabe, ed. Elmar Mittler, Munich: Saur 1999) which are available for open consultation (shelfmark: Ref:Cat.Bks.4).

The Palatine Library was founded in 1438, when Heidelberg University received 155 manuscripts donated by Louis III, elector Prince of the Palatinate (1378-1436). Later, the manuscript and bibliographic collection increased, thanks to the work of Count Ottheinrich (1502-1559), a great lover of books, who established criteria to ensure the future growth of the Library and opened it to the public. Among its most significant acquisitions was the private library of the famous banker Ulrich Fugger, who sold it to the University in 1567. In 1622, during the Thirty Years War, the Library was seized by the troops of Maximilian I of Bavaria, who offered it to Pope Gregory XV as war booty and sent it to Rome, where it has been ever since, forming the ‘Stampati Palatini’ collection of the Vatican Library. From 1989 to 1995, the printed books, excluding the manuscripts, were microfilmed by Saur and published in more than 21,000 microfiches. Among the areas of knowledge represented in the collection are law, medicine, current affairs, and theology, where the works of Protestant authors published in Germany and France have a special place. Many of these texts are not available in any other Oxford library.

One way of checking online whether a particular text is available in this collection is to go to the the Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, and follow the links to the "OPAC- WWW-Katalog der HAB" (from in which all the microfiches of the Bibliotheca Palatina have the prefix Microfiche 1518:

The manuscripts have been digitized, and are to be found at:

Harold Jantz Collection at the Taylorian

The Harold Jantz Collection of German baroque literature (10,000 volumes on microfilm) is held by the Modern Languages Library; this collection is not catalogued onto OLIS, but the index is available to download here:

All Souls College Estate Maps

The Hovenden Maps detail the College's estates, surveyed at the request of Warden Robert Hovenden, and were produced in the 1590s. These have recently been digitized and are an invaluable source for historians of land administration, husbandry, land usages, and the history of buildings; as well as for those interested in land ownership in the counties of Buckinghamshire, Norhamptonshire, and Middlesex.

Books about the Library

  • I. Maclean, All Souls Library 1438-2008: buildings, collections, donors (Oxford: All Souls College, 2008).*


  • A. Geraghty, The Architectural Drawings of Sir Christopher Wren at All Souls College, Oxford: a complete catalogue (Aldershot: Lund Humphries, 2007).*
  • A. Watson, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of All Souls College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997).*
  • C. Trice Martin, Catalogue of the Archives in the Muniment Rooms of All Souls College (London, 1877).

 Other works:

  • A. Gerbino and S. Jonston, Compass and Rule: Architecture as Mathematical Practice (Oxford: Museum of the History of Science, 2009).
  • J. Bengtson, 'Benefaction Registers in Oxford Libraries' in Library History, 16 (2000), 143-52.
  • A. Watson, 'The Post-Medieval Library' in Unarmed Soldiery: Studies in the Early History of All Souls College (Oxford: All Souls College, 1996).
    Giles Barber, Arks for Learning: a Short History of Oxford Library Buildings (Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1995).
  • H. Colvin, and J.S.G. Simmons, All Souls: An Oxford College and its Buildings (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989).*
  • P. Morgan, Oxford Libraries outside the Bodleian (Oxford: Bodleian Library, 1980).
  • E. Craster, The History of All Souls College Library, ed. E.F. Jacob (London: Faber, 1971).*
  • N. Ker, Records of All Souls College Library, 1437-1600 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1971).
  • Fine Bindings from Oxford Libraries: catalogue of an exhibition (Oxford: Bodleian Library, 1968).

Books marked with an asterisk may be available for purchase; please direct any enquiries to

A list of books relating to All Souls College may be found on the Books about the College page.

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