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David Addison

BA (Hons), MSc
Examination Fellow since 2017
My research focuses on the history of lay religion in the Iberian Peninsula from the Late Roman Empire to the end of the Visigothic kingdom in 711. The idea of 'lay religion' - religion as experienced by people who were not clerics – draws us away from institutional histories of religion, and adds an important social dimension to our understanding of a period in which socio-economic and cultural history are too often kept apart. The central questions centre on how laypeople and clerics made their different claims to power in the religious sphere, and how the nature of their conflicts and collaborations changed over time. This entails thinking critically and historically about the very concepts of 'religion', 'superstition', 'secular' and so on - all of which had the capacity to be used fluidly and polemically.
David Addison
  • Background

    • Postgraduate (DPhil) student in History at Mansfield College, Oxford (from 2016 to 2017)
    • Postgraduate (MSc) student in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies at University of Edinburgh (from 2015 to 2016)
    • Undergraduate (BA) student in History at Exeter College, Oxford (from 2012 to 2015)
  • Research interests

    • Iberian Peninsula in late antiquity
    • Social history of religion
    • Hagiography and the cult of saints
    • Politics of modern historiography, especially in Spain and France
    • The history of music, especially postwar classical music
  • Research awards and grants

    • Oxford-A.G. Leventis Graduate Scholarship (from 2016).
    • UK/EU Master Scholarship (from 2015 to 2016).
    • HCA Scholarship (from 2015 to 2016).
    • Sheila Cannell Postgraduate Scholarship (from 2015 to 2016).
    • Gibbs Book Prize for History (2015).
    • Laura Quelch Prize (2015).
    • Simon Pointer Prize for History (2014).