Michaelmas Term 2023 Economic and Social History Seminar Series

Economic and Social History Seminar Series for Michaelmas Term 2023


Will take place on Tuesdays, 5pm-6.30pm from Term Weeks 1-8 in the Old Library, All Souls College. It will also be available to attend online via Zoom. 


All are welcome!

For further information, please contact ocesh@history.ox.ac.uk

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The Changing Character of War Centre Michaelmas Term 2023

Illusionary Trends in Strategic Studies Seminar


Seminars at 5.15pm, Wharton Room, All Souls. All welcome, no booking necessary.


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Events in this series


All Souls College has a long and distinguished record in the study of history, and many current and former Fellows, as well as Visiting Fellows and Lecturers, either do historical research or have extensive interests in history. The College provides Fellowships for the holders of several University posts in the subject. The Chichele Professors of the History of War, of Medieval History, and of Economic History are Fellows of the College, and the Fellowship also includes a Professor of Economic History. The research of Fellows and Visiting Fellows is supported by the holdings of the College Library, which has a particularly fine collection of books on the history of France, and military history, as well extensive materials for the study of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Current Fellows:

Emeritus and Honorary Fellows:

Professor Sara Lipton

Professor Sara Lipton

Professor of History at Stony Brook University

Early Modern Intellectual History: ' The freedom to philosophize in the German Enlightenment from Christian Wolff to the berlin Academy'

Dr Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet, Bucharest

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Early Modern Intellectual History: 'Anglo -Venetian views on cross-confessional alliances during the Thirty Years War'

Professor Filippo de Vivo, Oxford

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Early Modern Intellectual History:'What makes early modern intellectual history ''early modern''? Marsilio Ficino (1433-99), Plotinus and astrology in the transition from medieval to Renaissance astrology, magic and religion'

Dr Darrel Rutkin, Venice

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Early Modern Intellectual History: 'Mapping the chiaroscuro: Marsilio Ficino on Plato's allegory of the cave'

Dr Anna Corrias, Cambridge

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Early Modern Intellectual History:' Early modern scholarship on idolatry and the Chinese Rites debate'

Dr Felix Schlichter, Cambridge

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Early Modern Intellectual History:' Enslaved by African angels': Swedenborg on African superiority, evangelization, and slavery in the Swedish Age of Liberty'

Dr Vincent Roy-Di Piazza, Oxford and Stockholm

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Early Modern Intellectual History: 'The philosophy of sleep between paradoxes and thought experiments: Descartes, Gassendi, Locke and Laeibniz'

Professor Carla Rita Palmerino, Nijmegen

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Medieval History Research Seminar

Michaelmas Term 2022
This term the seminar will continue in a hybrid format, with a physical meeting in the Wharton Room together with simultaneous interactive access via Microsoft Teams.

The Teams session can be accessed by logging in to Teams with your Oxford (ox.ac.uk) account and joining the group “Medieval History Research Seminar” (team code rmppucs). If you have any difficulties please email: medhistsem@history.ox.ac.uk

Student assistants: Antonia Anstatt, Annabel Hancock

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T. E. Lawrence Program on Conflict and Violence

Μichaelmas 2022 4:00 @ Wharton Room, unless otherwise specified

Programme (PDF)

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Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History

As always, this year’s iteration of the Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History will consist of papers on a wide range of subjects: philosophy, science, scholarship, religion, politics, and the social setting of early modern intellectual life. While we had hoped to run the seminar in hybrid format, it will initially commence as an online only event, hosted on Zoom (it is possible that we will switch to a hybrid format in Trinity term).

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