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The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood

MA, DPhil, PC
Distinguished Fellow since 2007
MP for Wokingham
I am currently working on the conduct of monetary policy and the role of Central Banks in the Credit Crunch and its aftermath in the UK, USA and Euro area from 2006. I am examining whether you can claim any democracy has an independent Central Bank, given the various changes of approach and changes to the powers of the Central banks that took place in the UK and the Euro area over this period.
The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood
  • Background

    • Distinguished Fellow, All Souls College (from 2007)
    • Chairman, Pan Asset (from 2007)
    • Chairman, Economic Competitiveness Review for the Opposition (from 2005)
    • Chairman, Concentric Plc (from 2003)
    • Shadow Deregulation Secretary of State (from 2003 to 2005)
    • Shadow Secretary of State, Department of Trade and Industry (from 1997 to 1999)
    • Secretary of State for Wales (from 1993 to 1995)
    • Minister of State for Local Government and Inner Cities (from 1992 to 1993)
    • Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry (from 1990 to 1992)
    • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Corporate Affairs (from 1989 to 1990)
    • Director, then Chairman, Norcros PLC (from 1985 to 1989)
    • Director, NM Rothschild And Son (from 1985 to 1989)
    • Fifty-Pound Fellow, All Souls College (from 1980 to 1987)
    • Head, Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, 10 Downing Street (from 1983 to 1985)
    • Manager, then Director, Head of Investment Research, NM Rothschild Asset Management (from 1977 to 1983)
    • Investment Analyst, Robert Fleming And Co. (from 1974 to 1977)
    • Prize Fellow, All Souls College (from 1972 to 1979)
    • Postgraduate, St Antony’s College (from 1971 to 1972)
    • Undergraduate, Magdalen College, Oxford (from 1968 to 1971)
  • Research interests

    • Economic policy review for the Conservative party
    • Impact of the credit excesses on the world economy
    • The case for lower tax rates as a means to increase economic growth and tax revenue
    • Examining ways of increasing the capacity of the UK transport systems
    • Providing a critique of the present vogue for more regulation