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Professor Sir John Vickers

MA, DPhil, FBA
The Warden since 2008
My research interests span theory and policy, especially relating to competition and regulation. In particular, I am working with Mark Armstrong on questions in incentive theory, the theory of multiproduct monopoly, and bundling. My main current policy-related interests arise from my work in 2010-11 as chair of the Independent Commission on Banking, which recommended fundamental reform to improve stability and competition in UK banking.
Professor Sir John Vickers
  • Background

    • Drummond Professor of Political Economy, Oxford (from 1991 to 2008)
    • Director General/Chairman, Office of Fair Trading (from 2000 to 2005)
    • Chief Economist and Executive Director, Bank of England (from 1998 to 2000)
    • Member of the Monetary Policy Committee (from 1998 to 2000)
    • Roy Harrod Fellow in the Economics of Business and Public Policy, Nuffield College, Oxford (from 1984 to 1990)
    • Prize Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford (from 1979 to 1984)
    • Undergraduate, Oriel College, Oxford (from 1976 to 1979)
  • Selected publications

    • 'Multiproduct pricing made simple', Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126, 1444-1471 (with Mark Armstrong)
    • 'The implications of Brexit for UK competition law and policy', Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2017, 13, 389-422 (report of the Brexit Competition Law Working Group).
    • ‘Which demand systems can be generated by discrete choice?’, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, 158, 293-307 (with Mark Armstrong).
    • ‘Consumer protection and contingent charges’, Journal of Economic Literature, 2012, 50, 477-93 (with Mark Armstrong).
    • ‘A model of delegated project choice’, Econometrica, 2010, 78, 213-244 (with Mark Armstrong).
  • Other professional memberships and roles

    • Chair, Independent Commission on Banking (from June 2010 to September 2011)
    • President, Royal Economic Society (from 2007 to 2010)
    • Fellow, Econometric Society (from 1998)
    • President, European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (from 2018)