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Professor Andrew Wilson

MA, DPhil, FSA
University Academic Fellow since 2004
Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire
My research interests include the economy of the Roman Empire, ancient technology, ancient water supply and usage, Roman North Africa and archaeological field survey. I co-direct, with Alan Bowman, the Oxford Roman Economy Project (OxREP) (, and, with Chris Howgego, the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project ( With Bob Bewley and David Kennedy, and with David Mattingly at Leicester, I am also conducting a project on Endangered Archaeology in North Africa and the Middle East, using satellite imagery to assess threats to archaeological sites.
I have excavated and studied ancient water systems in Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Cyprus, and am currently involved in excavations at Aphrodisias (Turkey) and Utica (Tunisia).
Contact: andrew.wilson at
Professor Andrew Wilson
  • Background

    • University Academic Fellow, All Souls College (from 2004)
    • University Lecturer in Roman Archaeology, University of Oxford and Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford (from 2000 to 2004)
    • Fellow by Examination, Magdalen College, Oxford (from 1996 to 2000)
    • Postgraduate, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (from 1993 to 1996)
    • Factory Systems Analyst, Eurotherm (from 1991 to 1993)
    • Undergraduate, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (from 1988 to 1991)
  • Research interests

    • Economy of the Roman empire
    • Ancient technology
    • Ancient water supply and usage
    • Roman architecture
    • Roman North Africa
    • Field survey
    • Recent field work: Utica Excavations, Tunisia; Euesperides (Benghazi), Libya; Desert Migrations Project, Libya
    • Excavation in the Roman Forum, Rome; Janiculum Mills Project, Rome; Fazzan Project, Libya; El Anderin, Syria; Jerba Project, Tunisia; Sangro Valley Project, Italy; Yeronisos Island Expedition, Cyprus; Thamusida, Morocco; Leptiminus Archaeological Project, Tunisia
  • Selected publications

    • (ed. jointly with A.K. Bowman), The Roman Agricultural Economy: Organization, Investment, and Production, Oxford Studies in the Roman Economy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).
    • (with Josephine Crawley Quinn), 'Capitolia', Journal of Roman Studies (2013), 103: 117-173.
    • 'Saharan trade in the Roman period: short-, medium- and long-distance trade networks', Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa 47 (2012), 4: 409-449.
    • (ed. jointly with A.K. Bowman), Settlement, Urbanization, and Population, Oxford Studies in the Roman Economy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).
    • (ed. jointly with D. Robinson) Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Monograph 6 (Oxford: Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, 2011).
    • (ed. jointly with D. Robinson), Alexandria and the North-Western Delta. Joint Conference Proceedings of Alexandria: City and Harbour (Oxford 2004) and The Trade and Topography of Egypt’s North-West Delta (Berlin 2006). Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Monograph 5 (Oxford: School of Archaeology, 2010).
    • (ed. jointly with A.K. Bowman), Quantifying the Roman Economy: Methods and Problems, Oxford Studies in the Roman Economy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).
    • Link to full publications list
  • Teaching and supervision

    • Courses on Roman archaeology: cities and settlements under the Roman Empire
    • Graduate courses on the archaeology of the Roman economy, Roman urban systems, Roman North Africa
    • Supervision of doctoral theses on Roman archaeology, especially those connected with the Roman economy or Roman technology