Classical Studies

In the twentieth century, All Souls Classicists made many distinguished contributions to the field of Ancient History: P.M. Fraser, A.H.M. Jones, Arnaldo Momigliano, Peter Brown, and Fergus Millar all worked at the College.  In the second half of the twentieth century, Ancient Philosophy and then Classical Philology became established as strengths of the College with J. N. Adams, Martin West, Myles Burnyeat, and Edward Hussey working at All Souls as Senior Research Fellows by the end of the century.

The current Fellows in Classics are engaged in research on Greek history and literature, Roman history and archaeology, and Latin linguistics and literature.

Current Fellows: 

Emeritus Fellows: 

Professor Sir John Vickers

MA, DPhil, FBA
The Warden since 2008

My research interests span theory and policy, especially relating to competition and regulation. In particular, I am working with Mark Armstrong on the economics of competition for imperfect consumers. My main current policy-related interests arise from my work in 2010-11 as chair of the Independent Commission on Banking, which recommended fundamental reform to improve stability and competition in UK banking.