A head shot of Dr Nuno Castel-Branco

Dr Nuno Castel-Branco

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow since 2023

I am a historian of early modern culture and science. I am especially interested in the social and intellectual interactions between disciplines such as physics, medicine, and theology in early modern Europe and its global expansion. I am currently concluding a book about the emergence of the new sciences in seventeenth-century Europe through the fascinating career of Nicolaus Steno. I argue that Steno’s greatest innovation was introducing methods and ideas from various disciplines, especially mathematics, and chymistry, into anatomy. Undergirding this variety of approaches was Steno’s ability to forge friendships with scholars, princes, artisans, and women. I use Steno’s career to uncover novel interactions between science and religion. My second project aims to improve our historical knowledge of how mathematicians, anatomists, and patrons cooperated in the early 1600s. This project builds upon my previous research on early modern Italy and the Iberian oceanic expansion. I am also interested in science and religion, for which I am currently co-organizing two workshops at the Max Planck in Berlin.