Professor Andrew Wilson

Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire
MA, DPhil, FSA
University Academic Fellow since 2004

My research interests include the economy of the Roman Empire, ancient technology, ancient water supply and usage, Roman North Africa and archaeological field survey. I co-direct, with Alan Bowman, the Oxford Roman Economy Project (OxREP), and, with Chris Howgego, the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project. With Bill Finlayson, and with David Mattingly at Leicester and Graham Philip at Durham, I am also conducting a project on Endangered Archaeology in North Africa and the Middle East, using satellite imagery to assess threats to archaeological sites. I have undertaken excavations in Rome and Euesperides (Benghazi, Libya), at Aphrodisias (Turkey) and Utica (Tunisia), and have excavated and studied ancient water systems in Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Cyprus.