Professor Avner Offer

MA, DPhil, FBA
Emeritus Fellow since 2011

The post-war 'golden age' of economic growth also built up American and European welfare states. This settlement was challenged in the 1970s by a coalition of business, taxpayers, consumers, ideologists and social scientists. Emerging from this core of discontent, market liberalism retrieved the intellectual and political hegemony, although the Great Recession has cast doubt on many of its premises. I study the origins, attributes, and drivers of this movement, its successes, failures, and prospects. I have recently completed *Social Democracy, The Nobel Prize in Economics and the Market Turn* (Princeton UP, forthcoming). I continue to publish in previous areas of interest, including the urban and rural land tenure, finance, the First World War, and consumption and well-being. A new departure is landscape painting in the nineteenth century in relation to earlier interests in agrarian history and the quality of life.