Lecture Series By Term


Tuesday, 25 January 2022 to Tuesday, 1 March 2022
Wednesday, 19 January 2022 to Wednesday, 9 March 2022
Sheilagh Ogilvie, Chichele Professor of Economic History
Monday, 17 January 2022 to Monday, 7 March 2022
Professor Paul Seabright
Thursday, 27 January 2022 to Thursday, 10 March 2022
Dr Margaret Bent

Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History

As always, this year’s iteration of the Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History will consist of papers on a wide range of subjects: philosophy, science, scholarship, religion, politics, and the social setting of early modern intellectual life. While we had hoped to run the seminar in hybrid format, it will initially commence as an online only event, hosted on Zoom (it is possible that we will switch to a hybrid format in Trinity term).